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Kirkpatrick Forest Curtis PC (KFC) seeks a licensed structural engineer with experience designing building superstructures and foundations. Candidate must have a civil, structural or architectural-engineering degree and an unrestricted work visa. Candidate must have passed the PE licensing exam and have a minimum of 5 years experience. KFC offers competitive salary and benefits.  Email resume to asemke@kfcengr.com or fax to 405.528.4580.

Summer Internships

KFC has sponsored summer internships since 2006. The number of internships has varied from 1 to 4 per summer and is based upon work load and availability of experienced staff to provide adequate mentoring. We request that all candidates at least have structural coursework for steel and concrete material designs. Decisions on summer interns are not typically made until late March or early April.

Our Office

KFC Engineering offices are recently renovated with a mixture of open office systems and engineering manager offices. Our environment promotes active collaboration and close camaraderie among our staff. Located approximately 5 miles north of downtown Oklahoma City, our offices are easily accessible off Broadway Extension and 63rd Street. Benefits of working at KFC include the following:

  • Mentoring: KFC Engineering has grown its professional staff by mentoring summer engineering interns and new engineering graduates with experienced and licensed engineers. Because we expect questions from our intern engineers, we assign mentors to help interns acclimate to our professional work environment.
  • Professionalism: We have a great blend of young and experienced professional staff who bring unique, but varied, expertise to our knowledge base. A spirit of cooperation prevails in our office as we all work together to continue to learn and keep abreast of the latest technical guides and construction techniques.
  • Project Types: We perform a wide range of non-residential building designs that use all of the major structural materials such as structural steel, concrete, masonry and timber and consider both design and serviceability criteria.
  • Continuing Education: We support continuing education of our professional staff as it is required for licensure, but also necessary to keep up with technical advances.
  • Flexible Hours: We understand that all people have different outside interests and responsibilities. As such, we offer flexible work hours allowing individuals to suit their needs.
  • Benefits: KFC offers competitive salaries and a benefits package that includes a company-funded 401K retirement plan, paid employee health insurance, 3 weeks of paid time off for the first seven years and 4 weeks thereafter, and year-end profit sharing bonuses.


Contact asemke@kfcengr.com for all confidential inquiries.




Structural Engineering Consultants

With over 40 years of experience, KFC Engineering provides structural engineering services to private and public sector clients. Our staff consists of highly trained professionals with over half our designers registered as Professional Engineers. We maintain active licenses in 39 states and design a variety of non-residential buildings in a broad variety of sizes, materials and complexities.

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