• Warehouse & Distribution Center
    º  Hobby Lobby
    º  Multiple warehouse and manufacturing campus constructed with load-bearing tilt-up concrete exteriorwalls, providing large column-free interior areas and clear heights of 39 ft
    º  Over 7,000,000 sf, combined
    º  Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
  • Braum's Ice Cream & Dairy Restaurants
    º  Braum's, Inc.
    º  New store construction in Oklahoma, Texas and Kansas
    º  Multiple locations
  • McDonald's Restaurants
    º  McDonald's Corporation
    º  Combination of new construction and renovated design work in Oklahoma, Texas and Arkansas
    º  Multiple locations
  • BJ's
    º  BJ's Restaurants, Inc.
    º  Renovation and addition to existing restaurant
    º  1,500 sf
    º  Norman, Oklahoma
  • Laboratory Building
    º  Nomadics
    º  New two-story structure
    º  13,000 sf
    º  Stillwater, Oklahoma
  • Bus Maintenance Center
    º  Rush Trucking Company
    º  New maintenance and service center with two-story office space
    º  21,000 sf
    º  Irving, Texas
  • Truck Center
    º  Rush Trucking Company
    º  Sales and service center
    º  Multiple locations
  • Hardened Computer Facility
    º  Hobby Lobby
    º  New data storage facility with emergency backup systems
    º  4,500 sf
    º  Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
  • Wendy's Restaurant
    º  Wendy's Company
    º  Winter Park, Florida 
  • Car Dealership
    º  Saturn
    º  Edmond, Oklahoma 
  • Spring Creek Village Shopping Center
    º  Charles Ballenger
    º  New foundation design for retail development
    º  62,000 sf
    º  Edmond, Oklahoma




Structural Engineering Consultants

With over 40 years of experience, KFC Engineering provides structural engineering services to private and public sector clients. Our staff consists of highly trained professionals with over half our designers registered as Professional Engineers. We maintain active licenses in 39 states and design a variety of non-residential buildings in a broad variety of sizes, materials and complexities.

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