Public Safety

  • Oklahoma City Police Headquarters
    º  City of Oklahoma City
    º  New three-story police headquarters & emergency preparedness facility
    º  88,000 sf
    º  Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
  • Bricktown Police Station
    º  City of Oklahoma City
    º  Renovation of a 1930's era Rock Island Freight Station providing a public lobby, with a 950 sf additionhousing a lineup room, offices, shower & locker facilities
    º  10,750 sf
    º  Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
  • Emergency Communications Center
    º  City of Oklahoma City
    º  New structurally hardened emergency call and dispatch facility using reinforced concrete wall panels andother structural elements designed to resist 250 mph winds
    º  20,000 sf
    º  Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
  • Fire Station No. 3
    º  City of Norman
    º  Norman, Oklahoma
  • Department of Public Safety Building
    º  University of Oklahoma
    º  New headquarters facility designed with masonry sheer walls and steel X-bracing, with a structurallyhardened communications room.
    º  14,200 sf
    º  Norman, Oklahoma
  • Santa Fe Police Briefing Station
    º  City of Oklahoma City
    º 10,000 sf
    º  Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
  • Police & Emergency Management / Communications Building
    º  City of Moore
    º  New two-story public safety facility with a structurally hardened communications center designed to resistlateral forces and debris generated by winds up to 250 mph
    º  50,000 sf
    º  Moore, Oklahoma
  • Fire Station  No. 26
    º  City of Oklahoma City
    º  Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
  • Nichols Hills Town Hall
    º The City of Nichols Hills
    º  Renovation and addition of existing town hall
    º  Nichols Hills, Oklahoma
  • Lexington Housing Unit
    º  Oklahoma Department of Corrections
    º  Lexington, Oklahoma
  • Department of Public Safety
    º  City of Durant
    º  Durant, Oklahoma




Structural Engineering Consultants

With over 40 years of experience, KFC Engineering provides structural engineering services to private and public sector clients. Our staff consists of highly trained professionals with over half our designers registered as Professional Engineers. We maintain active licenses in 39 states and design a variety of non-residential buildings in a broad variety of sizes, materials and complexities.

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